Brand Development

Strategy. Expression. Communication. Management.

Developing a brand takes planning, care, perseverance, hard work and a little magic.

In any given industry or category, Martin Design can create brands that embody value, authenticity, flexibility, meaning, differentiation, vision, coherence and commitment. We couple strategic thinking with the appropriate amount of research necessary to uncover a company’s key characteristics. Competitive and customer analysis ensure our solutions are distinct, appropriate and on-target. Whether the task at hand is brand creation for a new company, such as a spin-off, or rebranding a company due to a change in business conditions, we employ a process that’s proven and comprehensive.

Brand Platform

A brand platform is the foundation for an organization’s identity. Our strategic process is designed to discover your “claim of distinction” that can be developed into a comprehensive brand platform that identifies objectives, interview insights, SWOT analysis, target audience, vision, positioning, core values, benefits, market motivators, brand personality, brand voice, brand essence, brand value proposition, brand purpose, brand promise and brand touch points.

Brand Expression

A company needs an effective vehicle to express themselves. This is achieved through brand expression. Your brand needs to stand out. It needs to be different. And it needs to tell a story about who you are, why you exist and what you have to offer. Our goal is to ensure your brand identity hits on all these points and is unique in voice and appearance.

Brand Communications

Be it printed communications, a website, vehicle fleet or signage the visual language used to express the brand must reflect the desired brand attributes in an emotionally compelling and visually memorable way. To do this, Martin Design takes a strategic approach to the creative process that is fueled by the narrative principals in the brand platform while reinforcing the integrity of the brand. Martin Designs’ culture and know-how is fine-tuned from years of experience to enable the development of inspired and artfully differentiating brand design that pushes well beyond stylistic or trendy treatments to the most sustainable design solutions that provide brand recognition, recall, loyalty—and value.

Brand Management

Brand adoption and alignment can only be accomplished by your organizations key stakeholders and employees. Adoption starts from the top down. To be successful, the process must include the involvement of the company’s leadership to ensure a successful rollout. We help you designate the brand steward(s) within your company and create the tools necessary to equip your employees to manage the brand while accurately and effectively communicating your brand to your customers.